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15 Steps To A Brighter Smile

 15 Steps To A Brighter Smile

1. Juicy Fruits - Choose cranberry over orange juice - it stops bacteria clinging to your teeth and drink juice through a straw to avoid contact with teeth.

2. Mouthwash - Use alcohol-free varities as ones containing alcohol can dry out your mouth, making them more suseptible to bacteria.

3. Sugar Free - We spend £190 million a year on mints to freshen our breath but they can also rot our teeth. Switch starves oral bacteria and reduces plaque by up to 60 percent.

4. Farewell Fizz - The acid in carbonated drinks can cause tooth surfaces to gradually desolve, warn dentists, so it's best to avoid them.

5. Neutralize - If you can't give up fizzy drinks, neutralize your mouth afterwards with a few sips of milk.

6. Tuneful Tip - Think of a tune that lasts around 2 minutes and hum it to the end whilst you brush. 74% of us spend only 40 seconds on average brushing.

7. Get a Grip - Grip your toothbrush like a pencil - at a 45-degree angle - to prevent brushing too hard. Move in circular motions, not back and forth.

8. Drink Tea - The flavonoids prevent bacteria from sticking to teeth and check production of a type of sugar that can cause cavities.

9. Brush then Breakfast - Food sugars react with plaque to cause acid which sofens tooth enamel - so brushing after cornflakes can actually do more harm than good, says dentists. Brushing beforehand, however, prevents dental erosion by coating the teeth with fluoride.

10. Fruit and Veggies - Crunchy fruit and vegetables, like apples and carrots, act as natural detergents for teeth.

11. Make it Cheese, Please - Finish your meal with cheese rather then fruit. It's far better at neutralizing acids.

12. Whole Grain - Eating whole grain reduces gum disease by regulating blood sugar and easing inflamation.

13. Exercise - Fit and healthy people are 40 percent less likely to develop periodontitis (gum infection) than those who are inactive and overweight.

14. Sensitivity - Sensitive teeth affect 81 percent of UK adults. Sensodyne Repair and Protect forms a layer over exposed dentine to help repair and protect sensitive areas.

15. Go Electric - Buy an electric toothbrush. It's like the difference between using a vacuum cleaner and a dust pan and brush.

Source: The Weely Magazine 2011

Incognito Invisible Braces Exhibit at Britain's Next Top Model

 Incognito Invisible Braces Exhibit at Britain's Next Top Model

The ultimate fashion, beauty and shopping event. BINTM Live lets you get up close and personal with the BINTM girls, watch a stunning catwalk show and enjoy a day in the wonderful world of the shopping heaven provided. Bursting with the hottest fashsion, beauty 'MUST haves' and exclusive advise from experts, it's a gloriously glamorous day out and Incognito Invisible Braces will be there to share it with you.

Show Dates:
28th - 30th October 2011, Venue ExCel London, One Western Gateway, Royal Victoria Dock, London, E16 1XL;

Friday 28th October 11am-7pm
Saturday 29th October 10am - 6pm
Sunday 30th October 10am - 6pm

15 Steps To A Brighter Smile

 15 Steps To A Brighter Smile 2012-03-05

You don't have to resort to cosmetic dentistry - just boost your smile and your confidence, following these simple tips.

Incognito Invisible Braces Exhibit at Britain's Next Top Model

 Incognito Invisible Braces Exhibit at Britain's Next Top Model 2011-08-04

Incognito Invisible Braces will be exhibiting at Britain's Next Top Model held at the Excel Centre London from 28th - 30th October 2011

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