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Privacy Filter

Privacy Filters In Action

Privacy Filters in an office environment


Prevent colleagues and visitors from seeing confidential data and emails. Ideal for open plan and hot desk environments.

Privacy Filters in an airport lounge environment

Mobile worker - Airport lounge

An incredible 40% of UK computer shoulder surfers read other peoples' business emails and confidential information whilst working remotely.

Privacy filters in a wireless hotspot

Mobile worker - Wireless hotspot

With ever increasing workloads, will employees put data security above working in risky environments when the trade off is their personal time?

Privacy filtes used in an internet cafe

Mobile worker - Internet cafe

When a Privacy Filter is fitted to an internet cafe terminal, neighbouring users are protected from any controversial material that may be brought up on screen.

Privacy filters used in an educational environment


Fit a privacy filter to an LCD monitor or laptop to conform to regulations on e-assessment for schools and colleges. A fast, easy and affordable way to prevent cheating in examinations.

Privacy filters used in a library


Library users can surf the internet safe in the knowledge that the information will remain confidential in a busy environment.