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Library Protocols

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3M has been a library technology leader in the development and implementation of several important standards that allow disparate library systems to inter-operate.

3M continues its support of standard for the library industry, by continued participation in standards development, implementation, and promotion of standards.

For full details of our Library Protocols, please click on the links below.

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3M™ Standard Interchange Protocol

SIP is currently in its second revision called SIP 2.0. All major ILS vendors and major self-check vendors are SIP 2.0 compliant. SIP was developed by 3M so that its self-check stations could work with all the ILSs. It was then adopted by all the other major self-check manufacturers.

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NISO Circulation Interchange Protocol

The NISO Circulation interchange protocol defines a communication protocol for interoperability among integrated library systems. The protocol was designed to support the following areas of the library operations: Interlibrary Loan, Direct Consortial Borrowing and Self Service. The NCIP standard, Z39.83 was approved by the National (U.S) Information Standards Organization in 2002.

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