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Sterilization Assurance Products

The 3M Sterilization Assurance Programme is a comprehensive and prudent approach to sterilization monitoring procedures.

Equipment Control Products

3M Equipment Control Products are the key to verifying that sterilization equipment is performing effectively.

Exposure Control Products

3M Exposure Control Products help to distinguish between processed and unprocessed medical devices at a glance.

Load Control Products

Load control is the process by which a load is monitored and released for use based on the result of a biological or chemical indicator. 3M products are easy to use and can give results in as little as one hour.

Pack Control Products

For clear visual assurance that conditions for sterilization have been met on a pack-by-pack basis.

Record Keeping Products

Complete record keeping systems that maintain your sterilization process information and reduce record keeping time to just minutes each day.

Sterilization Systems - Low Temperature

3M offers a full range of operator-friendly 100% Ethylene Oxide sterilizers and components, for the effective sterilization of heat and moisture sensitive systems.

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