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Floor Pads

Floor Pads - demonstrating Purple Diamond pad
Floor Pads - fitting Blue/Red Double Action pad
Floor Pads - highly glossed floor surface maintained by Diamond pads
Floor Pads - Red Spray Cleaning pads in use

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3M offer floor pads in three categories; Premium, Economy, and Specialist. The range of floor pads in the Premium category, under the brand name of Scotch-Brite™, are of excellent quality, offering huge advantages in durability, productivity, and cleaning performance. Innovations in 3M floor pad design have also led to a significant reduction in Hand-Arm Vibration, which greatly benefits the well being of the user. All this and more has lead to Scotch-Brite™ floor pads being recognised as the best in the industry.

Floor pads in the Specialist range are also under the Scotch-Brite™ brand, and like the Premium range, offer similarly excellent performance advantages. In addition, floor pads in this category are designed for a particular specialist application. From pads that strip away floor finish without chemicals, pads for uneven floor types, and even double sided pads, these Scotch-Brite™ floor pads are truly innovative.

Whilst not quite offering the same performance as Premium floor pads, products in the Economy pad category are highly durable, and have an open web construction, making them very effective in collecting and trapping soil from floors. On top of the high level of performance, these floor pads are available at a great price, making them hugely cost-effective.

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Our Floor Pad Products range

Scotch-Brite™ Floor Pads

Economy Floor Pads

A complete range of premium quality floorpads for all applications, from burnishing to stripping.

Specialist Floor Pads

Specialist Floor Pads

A range of premium quality Scotch-Brite™ floor pads for specialist applications.


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