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3M™ Coatings and Aerosols
The complete line of coatings and protectants from 3M protect surface against moisture, corrosion and other contaminants. 3M offers a full line of convenient push-button aerosol worksavers for your electrical needs.

3M™ Electrical Connectors
The best connectors do more than fit your application; they also fit your hand, and they feel good to use. At 3M, we design connectors that are as comfortable and easy to use as they are dependable. Our complete line provides a wide range of connector choices. Simply choose the connector that fits your personal preference, as well as the application. We give you plenty of choices.

3M™ Electrical Tape & Insulating Materials
3M provides a wide range of tapes and insulating materials for a variety of electrical applications.

3M™ Identification Systems
For years, 3M has provided critical products to panel makers, original equipment manufacturers and industrial sector suppliers. Create highly visible, durable identification for wires, panels, terminal blocks, devices and other components.

3M™ Infrared Thermometers
Our Infrared Thermometers are portable non-contact thermometers that detect the surface temperature of objects safely from a distance via infrared energy.

3M™ Liquid Resins
3M™ Resin Splicing Kits are used in a variety of applications where conditions require the unique properties of 3M resins.

3M™ Terminations
Over 25 years ago, 3M pioneered cold shrink technology. Since then, field use and laboratory analysis have repeatedly proven its merits and reliability. Through constant innovation, we have refined cold shrink products making them better than ever.

WL Wire Pulling Gel3M™ Wire Pulling Lubricants
The complete line of 3M™ Wire Pulling Lubricants are designed for specific applications, so you can choose the right lubricant for the job at hand.