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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Where can I buy Scotch® Products?
Scotch® Products are available at many retail stores and online.



2. When was Scotch® Brand Tape invented?
Scotch® Cellulose Tape was invented in 1930 by Richard Drew, a 3M scientist. Later renamed Cellophane Tape, the tape was originally designed to be an attractive, moisture-proof way for grocers and bakers to seal cellophane wrap.



3. Where is Scotch® Magic™ Tape made?
It’s manufactured in only one place in the world: Hutchinson, Minnesota.



4. How much Scotch® Transparent Tape is made each year?
Roughly 5.5 million miles’ worth. That’s 645 miles of tape per hour, or enough to circle the earth 235 times!



5. Can the blade of desktop tape dispensers be replaced?
No, blades cannot be replaced. Need a new desktop tape dispenser? Find a retailer.



6. How do I know which glue is right for my project?
Scotch® Brand offers many kinds of glue for many different purposes. Our Glue Selector Chart makes it easy to choose the glue that will work best for your next project.



7. Do you have any eco-friendly products?
Yes! Scotch® Brand also has tips and ideas to help green up your home and office projects.

Read our Sustainability Project Ideas.



8. What’s the difference between Scotch® Magic™ Tape and Transparent Tape?
Good question. Not all Scotch® Brand Tapes are alike. Some are ideal for gift wrapping, others work well for school projects. We make lots of specialty tapes, too, like Correction Tape and Artist Tape. Our Transparent Tape Selector helps you understand the differences between tapes, so you can make the best choice for each project.



9. Where can I find coupons for Scotch® Products?
Coupons, rebates and other special offers are available on our Promotions page. Want special offers delivered right to your email inbox? Sign up for the Scotch® Solutions eNewsletter.



10. I’m moving/shipping some valuables. How can I make sure they arrive intact?
Most important is to use the right tools for the job. Scotch® Brand has designed bubble wrap, boxes and packaging tape with shipping and storage in mind. Secondly, skillful packing will help protect fragile items, like glass or china. Learn handy tips for packing breakables, heavy items and odd shapes. Read more .



11. Why are there different kinds of packaging tape?
When it comes to packaging tape, one size doesn’t fit all. Sometimes you only need a lightweight hold to seal smaller boxes and envelopes. Other times, you want tape that can withstand years of storage. Scotch® Packaging Tapes are designed to meet various shipping, moving and storage needs. Our Packaging Tape Selector helps you select the right tape for the job.


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