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Traffic Safety Systems

For over 60 years, 3M has been helping make the world a safer place to travel. Our involvement in safety goes far beyond the manufacture of products to include the long-term goals of federal, municipal and ministry of transportation programs worldwide. 3M's full line of products for traffic control and guidance is extensively researched and tested for high performance, durability, and quality.

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3M Completes its Acquisition of the Business of Federal Signal Technologies Group

3M announced during September 2012 that it has completed its acquisition of the business of Federal Signal Technologies Group (FSTech) from Federal Signal Corp. FSTech focuses on electronic toll collection and parking management hardware and software services. The integration of FSTech into 3M will enable the next generation of innovative toll, public safety and parking solutions.


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Traffic Signing
Traffic Signing

When you specify 3M reflective sheeting, you will get the best performing materials in their Class - that means superior reflectivity, brightness, durability, and colour retention. You also get the best product support and technical advice from 3M and its approved sign makers, allowing you to tap into all the years of innovation and expertise that 3M has brought to the business of sign making and road safety.

  • Permanent Signing: For signs that need to look great and perform brilliantly in permanent installations, 3M's range of superior micro-prismatic reflective sheetings give unsurpassed performance. We offer materials in a wide range of colors that will meet or exceed all the criteria demanded for Class RA1, RA2, R3A and R3B signs.
  • Temporary Signing: Temporary signing shouldn't mean low quality, so our range of reflective sheeting for temporary applications gives the same high performance reflectivity and brightness as our permanent sheeting.
  • Digital Printing: For speed, clarity and accuracy in sign printing, we have helped pioneer developments in digital printing that have revolutionized the sign-making business. We have also developed a range of inks that are compatible with all our reflective sheeting guaranteeing the highest quality, durability and color retention from every print run.
Temporary Road Work Materials
Reflective Road Studs

Roads studs have been in use for more than 75 years. Since their introduction they have provided drivers on roads with effective lane delineation, particularly during the hours of darkness and in adverse weather conditions. 3M manufactures a surface mounted road stud, 3M Marker Series 290, which is easy to install, bright and extremely hard wearing and damage resistant. For more info,
3M™ Raised Pavement Marker, Series 290(PDF 183KB)

Driver Feedback Sign
Road Markings

3M's road marking products are all about ease of application and fantastic performance. Our 3M™ Stamark™ road marking tape makes it much easier to add line markings to roads. There is no need for the big trucks and crews used to lay down thermo-plastic, and no need either to wait for the temperature to be just right. Our road markings, both permanent and temporary, can be laid onto any road surface.

Vehicle Safety Markings
Vehicle Safety Markings

Vehicles that can be seen are safer. That's a fact that is recognised by specific regulations and acknowledged best practice, both of which require high conspicuity markings to be used on a range of vehicles. 3M can advise on regulations, and manufacture vehicle markings that provide excellent performance both in terms of reflectivity and durability in all weather conditions.

Vehicle Licence Plate Sheeting
Vehicle License Plate Sheeting

Since 1948, we have set the standard for reflective license plates around the world. Our retro-reflective License Plate Sheeting enables vehicle license plates to stand out brightly and effectively at night.

3M Automatic License Plate Recognition(ALPR)
3M Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR)

3M offers a complete range of Automatic License Plate Recognition products and services. From site consultation and system design, to systems and software, we provide a full-suite of solutions to meet your needs.
3M's Automatic License Plate Recognition systems can be stand-alone, or integrated into your systems for:

  • Electronic Toll Collection
  • Parking, Access Control, Revenue Control and Car Park Management
  • Vehicle Inventory Parking Software
  • Intelligent Policing Public Safety Software
  • Travel Time Management and Average Speed Enforcement

Optical Character Recognition "Engine"
OCR is optical character recognition, or the ability for a machine to recognize printed characters and convert them into data. 3M develops and maintains its own library of OCR engines. 3M uses a customized OCR engine specific to the state, region, or country of interest. 3M OCR engines are very tolerant of skewed and off-axis plate reads, various plate sizes, syntax rules, and designs. The engine reads the captured infrared plate image and converts it to a data file. 3M uses a customized OCR engine specific to the state or region of interest. 3M OCR engines are very tolerant of skewed and off-axis plate reads, various plate sizes, syntax rules, and designs. The engine reads the captured infrared plate image and converts it to a data file.

In addition to housing the patented plate finder and triple flash technologies, 3M processors perform the OCR translation and can use the captured data in a variety of ways via a 3M software application or 3rd party solution.

Weather & Lighting
Very extreme weather conditions can have a slight impact on system performance, but due to 3M's use of infrared (IR) illumination and plate capture, accurate system performance will take place in almost all weather and lighting conditions. 3M uses IR illumination and image capture at a wavelength outside of the visible light spectrum allowing for operation in total darkness or bright sun glare.

Color & Reflectivity
The color overview image is a critical piece of context and also helps to create a solid evidentiary record. It provides the user with immediate context (red sedan) of the situation as opposed to the black and white image of the license plate. All license plates are highly reflective to IR, the use of a dual lens camera with IR allows for 24/7 operation regardless of lighting conditions, and the use of IR greatly improves the overall system accuracy.

3M Automatic License Plate Recognition Products

3M Fixed ALPR Systems
3M offers a variety of high performance cameras and software solutions designed specifically for fixed ALPR applications. This ensures license plate reading accuracy and data collection to fit the needs of our customers.
Learn more about 3M Fixed ALPR Cameras (US, English)

3M Mobile ALPR Systems
3M Mobile systems provide Law Enforcement professionals with a flexible solution to combat criminal activity in a highly efficient manner. Available for vehicle specific installations or as portable units, this technology also serves officers with added safety through increased situational awareness.
Learn more about 3M Mobile ALPR Camera (US, English)

To view and test samples of the above products, please visit us at 3M Innovation Center in Dubai - UAE. Register here to book your appointment. For outside UAE, Contact Us for more technical details.

Traffic Safety Products
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