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Active Fire Protection

Active Fire Protection

3M has long been committed to delivering innovative and sustainable solutions that are designed to meet the unique needs of customers today, without ignoring the needs of society tomorrow. 3M introduced the Novec™1230 fluid - the next-generation halon replacement used to extinguish fires – the latest innovation from 3M that safeguard from hazards. The fluid does not emit greenhouse gases that harm the ozone layer ensuring a safer and cleaner environment. Novec™1230 fluid balances industry concerns for human safety, performance and the environment, while adhering to the perimeters set by the UN’s Montreal and Kyoto protocols of climate change, which calls for the worldwide elimination of halon by 2010.

Novec™1230, currently represents a clear alternative for industry, who are challenged with reducing emissions; a challenge that 3M has risen to. With a global warming potential of just 1, 99.9% lower than any other halocarbon agent acceptable for use in occupied spaces, 3M have placed Novec™1230 under their Blue Sky Warranty, offering a full refund should it be placed under any emission reduction restrictions in the future. The Blue Sky Warranty provides peace of mind for end users who specify fire protection systems charged with Novec™1230 fluid and knowing that their systems will withstand the growing list of substances being targeted for emission reduction.

Novec™1230, with its proven success as a sustainable halon alternative, is primed for widespread use within the construction industry. The fluid has a high margin of safety within occupied spaces and is efficient at tackling fires where the criticality of maintaining operations is paramount, such as electronic engine rooms and communications control facilities.

Learn more about Active Fire Protection (US, English).


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